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I recently signed up for an American Airlines Status Challenge which is a Fast Track to Elite Status. There are 4 different kind of Status Challenges:

  • Gold Challenge with no Status during the challenge, $120: The Requirements for the Challenge are 7,000 Elite Qualifying Miles or 8 Elite Qualifying Segments and $1,000 Elite Qualifying Dollars.
  • Gold Challenge with Gold Status given to you during the Duration of the Challenge, $300: Same Requirements as the regular Gold Challenge.g Segments and $2,000 Elite Qualifying Dollars.
  • Platinum Challenge with no Status during the challenge, $300: The Requirements for the Challenge are 12,500 Elite Qualifying Miles or 16 Elite Qualifying Segments
  • Platinum Status with Platinum Status during the challenge, $500: Same Requirements as regular Platinum Challenge.

The Basic Requirements for all of the Challenges are that all of the Elite Qualifying Miles, Elite Qualifying Segments and Elite Qualifying Dollars must all be accrued 90 days after the challenge has started. You can also backdate the challenge up to 5 days, Backdate means start the challenge up to 5 days before you call American Airlines.You can only Accrue EQMs,EQSs and EQDs on American Airlines,British Airways,Finnair,Iberia,Japan Airlines and Qantas Airways.

To sign up for any American Airlines Status Challenge you have to call +1.888.697-5636 and a computer will start up the Call. When they ask about what you’re calling about say Sign Up for a Status Challenge and than it will transfer you to a Representative. They’ll ask you some basic questions about you and your AAdvantage Account. Than they’ll tell you about the different kinds of Status Challenges. After that the Representative will take your Credit Card Info and if you signed up for the challenge with status, you’re status should appear in your account immediately. You’ll also receive an email from American Airlines about the Challenge that looks like this

You’re American Airlines Status Challenge Email should look like this.

I signed up for the American Airlines Gold Status Challenge with Gold Status during the challenge. I signed up 3 days after my flight from JFK-VLC and backdated it, 1 week later I returned from my trip and flew Iberia while crediting my miles to American Airlines from VLC-JFK . Tomorrow, March 27 I’m flying from EWR-ORD and returning on March 30. Than after that on April 3 I’m flying from EWR-OMA. I recommend signing up for the challenge with Status during the challenge it is completely worth it. When I returned from VLC-JFK I checked in at the Iberia Business Class Check In and despite having Group 3 boarding on my ticket after I showed my Gold card to the Flight Attendant I boarded first and was the first person on the plane. Than, I got a FREE Upgrade to First on my EWR-ORD flight tomorrow and I am expecting another upgrade on the way back. So, as you can see the benefits start stacking up to the $180 extra and I think it is more than worth it.

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