Earning the most Chase Rewards Points at the best rate with Shop through Chase

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Almost all Chase Credit Cards earn Chase Rewards Points at different rates. If you have a pretty good credit score and don’t mind paying a hefty Annual Fee than the Chase Sapphire Reserve is by far the most rewarding. But, no matter what credit card you have, you can always earn bonus points by shopping through some of Chase’s favorite vendors. At best with a personal credit card you can earn Chase Reward Points at 33 cents a piece and at best you can redeem them at about 2 cents a piece. But, I recently found a new Portal on the Chase Rewards Page called Shop Through Chase: shop online and earn bonus points.

How Does It Work:

So basically Chase has deals with certain partners which draws in more customers to the business while Chase gives them more Chase Rewards Points. If you need some quick points or miles for a trip or are just looking for an opportunity to earn Points than this is for you.

How to Earn at the best rate:

So, when you go on your Chase Rewards page, scroll down and you’ll see Shop With Chase. Click That and click on the all stores Tab and press Sort By: Earn Rate. The best is Proactive which is 25 points to the dollar. So you’re basically earning at 4 cents for each point. I personally bought a subscription to Mad Magazine for $20 through Magazines.com which at the time had a earn rate of 25 points to the dollar but now has 20 points to the dollar. But, I earned 500 points for that one purchase. I also bought some ink for my printer through 4inkjets, where I spent $40 and got 480 points and had a earn rate of 12 points to the dollar. So at best you earn at 4 cents for each point and can redeem at best half of that.

In Conclusion:

Shop through Chase is a great way to earn a huge amount of Points in exchange for products at a great rate. If you ever need some extra points fast then this is the way to go.


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