United Airlines Polaris Business: Best Redemptions and Overview

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United Airlines recently unveiled their new Polaris Business and First Class. It’s basically the same seat as the old BusinessFirst which I flew about 3 times when I was 8 on the EWR-DEL route where it is a great redemption of miles. But, I’ll have to give this one to United. They improved their Business Class service and rebranded it without raising the prices. I like American Airlines a lot but United makes there Polaris product one that makes you anxious to try.

Best Redemptions:

I’ve found a lot of Polaris mileage fares that are not worth using miles to redeem, for example 150,000 mile one way fares. Unfortunately, good Polaris Mileage Redemptions are more rare and are only released as a special fare on when United doesn’t think that seats will sell (United uses an algorithm which frankly doesn’t make sense). But, if you look hard enough you’ll find the golden goose of Saver Awards. It took me about 30 minutes to find the following redemption:

I found a Polaris Business Class redemption from Geneva to Newark for 57.5k each way. The flight is operated on the Boeing 767 which has one of the best Business Class Layouts in the United Fleet.

I’m looking at this Redemption about 3 months before hand which means that United is expecting a small load on this flight in Polaris Business Class.

If you find this kind of redemption on any flight you should definitely book it. According to TPG’s latest mileage valuations you’re booking this Polaris Business Class flight for a mere $862.5 each way or $1,725 round trip . But before you book if you don’t want to go or you’re not originating in Geneva you should bundle it in with another flight which you practically get for free in Business Class:

I found this other redemption which for a  mere $30 in fees extra you get a free Business Class flight from Zurich to Geneva and a Polaris Business Class flight from Geneva to Newark.


Though,I have not yet flown United Polaris Business, I have made a collection of the whole process to simplify it for you.

Check In:

As you can see United Polaris,1K and Global Services (that little Globe under United Polaris) has a special check in desk.


At all United Airlines Hubs,Headquarters and Focus Cities there are Premier Access for First/Business (Polaris) and Elite Status members at Security but sometimes this line can get lengthy at a busy line where TSA PreCheck can come in handy.

Lounge Access:

All United Polaris passengers departing from Chicago’s O’Hare Airport will have access to the United Polaris Lounge. If you aren’t you’ll of course have access to the United Club or a Star Alliance Business Class Lounge.


Unlike American Airlines the Priority Boarding Groups are very simple. Group 1 is United Polaris First, Business Premier 1K and Platinum

What to expect when you get to your seat:

So Far, every Polaris Business and First Class seat has Saks Fifth Avenue Bedding which includes 2 pillows, A Duvet and covers/blanket. There’s not much space for storage in the seat but since you’re not going to settle in or go fully flat before or during takeoff you can put the Bedding on the ground beneath your seat, you can also tuck into a small compartment underneath your Personal T.V.You should also be expecting a welcome drink with a little hook that attaches to the plate and some chocolates.

Image result for united polaris seats

Image result for united polaris drinks

After you take off:

After you have taken off you start to really get pampered, I have read in reviews that a good way to relax and get comfy is to recline your seat to an angle and watch some T.V. Soon the flight attendants will come around and serve you another drink and a snack. In 1-1.5 hours they will start to serve the meal service.

After you Eat:

After Dinner I recommend you watch a movie or 2

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After that you should get some shuteye. With this method on a 8 hour flight you can get about 5 hours of sleep.

 In Conclusion:

United Polaris is a great new Business and First Class product from United and has awesome redemptions if you can find them. I am looking at future flights and I am looking forward to flying it.

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