Clearing Up The Europe Electronics Ban

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Over the Last Week there have been rumors that The United States Government are implementing a Electronics Ban for flights from Europe. For those of you who don’t know the US recently banned Electronics larger than a Smartphone to be allowed on board for flights from Africa and the Middle East. Flights from Africa was already a problem for those of you who use Royal Air Maroc to travel from Europe. No Laptops and No Work done on board for these flights. You can tell how this may severely affect Business Travelers who rely on there time in flight to do some work. Making Business Class Travel for Business Men a non necessity. Alex Macheras, Aviation Analyst. Frequent Flyer and Traveler posted the following on Twitter on May 8,2017:

 Breaking: The air travel is preparing to be extended to ALL flights from Europe to USA, coming into effect in a few weeks.

Later a Follower asked him how he knows this? Which was what I was wondering as well. He replied:

Hello – unable disclose the source just yet, but you’ll hear official announcement later this week from White House.

I know everybody has there own opinion on all issues but if you’re thinking the same thing as me than you’re not alone.

What was the United States Government Thinking?

The whole reason the Electronics Ban started was to stop Bombs in Electronics that Intelligence shows that ISIS is putting in Devices. But implementing the Travel Ban on flights from Europe has nothing to do with this. Isis is not in Europe, they are in the Middle East so this Travel Ban seems like the United States Government overreacting.

Does the United States Not Want Tourism?

It seems like this Potential Electronics Ban has severely reduced the amount of people who are considering to visit The United States. This new Electronics Ban could also affect the Low Cost, Long Haul Carriers such as WOW,Norwegian,XL Airways and More

Does The United States Not Have An Advisor Who Can Predict This?

This decision to implement the Electronics Ban for Flights From Europe seems a bit rushed and the work of someone who doesn’t understand the Airline and Travel Industry and what kind of Financial and Tourism Catastrophes could come in result of this decision. I would recommend the United States Government brings in some kind of Airlines and Travel Industry Advisor to give there view and advice on the situation.

Safety of The American People

I get that safety comes First in these decisions before the convenience of Business Men. But, The United States could create/implement a screening process for checking for explosives in Batteries and Devices.


I feel like the United States could implement a different option of protecting passengers from Explosives than banning them on board all together. I feel like the United States Government does not want to find other solutions for this problem that could work for everyone than just eliminating the whole issue.


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