Why I don’t like United Airlines!

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A lot of people don’t like United because of there recent PR incident(s) but me and many other flyers didn’t like them some time before that. Now don’t get me wrong I like that United’s Hub is right in New Jersey at Newark Airport which is very convenient for me but I don’t mind driving 30+ minutes to JFK to fly American if the service will be much better! I used to fly United a lot, by that I mean I used to fly United when I was 8-9. I flew about 80,000 miles a year which can be pretty rewarding back in the Pre Revenue Based Frequent Flyer¬†Program Days and I attained United Premier Platinum. Granted that United was better than Air India’s service from JFK-DEL (which Zach Honig from The Points Guy reviewed and you can see how bad it is) so naturally flying United’s 777 BusinessFirst was actually pretty good compared to Air India. It was in a 2-4-2 layout but as long as you book long enough ahead enough you can snag the window and aisle seats which were pretty good. But, that was then. Now United has changed so much, the following reason are why I don’t like United

Business Class Cabin Layout

American Airlines Business Class has 4 across,Delta Airlines Business Class has 4 across,United Airlines has 8 across. Some time ago I could ignore it ¬†but now they’re starting really to pack people in there and the service is declining. I would rather fly in American Airlines or Delta Airlines in 1-2-1 from JFK for around the same price.

PQD/PQM Earning

Now, don’t think I’m biased to American. I’ve done thorough research into United, there routes, Mileage Earning/Spending,PQD and PQM Earning. There PQD and PQM Earning is much less rewarding than American. It’s not a significant difference in the way they reward, it much just be something the algorithm they use to Reward Flyers. For Example: A Round trip to Hong Kong from New York in First will secure Platinum Status or 50k EQMs on American Airlines. The Same trip on United would cost around the same and only get you about 30k EQMs

Customer Service

This is a big one, I have found that United’s Customer Service Reps sometimes abuse there “power” and make it harder for you to change a flight/reservation, request an upgrade or even board.

Star Alliance

I don’t really like the Star Alliance, they have very little routes and I have found that I could get by, by booking only on Oneworld without Breaking the Bank (excluding my Tap Portugal $1,600 Business Class Ticket). Star Alliance partners don’t really work well with each other as in making it easy to go to many destination on different Star Alliance Carriers.

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