Why I’m not re qualifying for American Airlines Elite Status next year!

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It’s hard to get around, but American Airlines Elite Status is getting harder and harder to get. I recently signed up for an American Airlines Gold Status Challenge¬†which got me Gold Status until January 31,2018. But, for the following reasons Status is now not a priority for me.

Upgrades are harder to get

Starting a couple of days ago Higher Status Members companion get there companions status which can make Gold upgrades all the harder. Also, Upgrade priority within status are not highly influenced by type of fare. So, those of you who buy the cheapest Economy ticket. Your odds just got worse for upgrades

Those Pesky EQDs

I was originally about $200 short for the EQD requirements for my Status Challenge which forced me to book another trip to Chicago to fulfill the requirements.

The Money saved is more than the Worth of the Status

Primarily on Domestic Routes, I could save hundreds of $ by booking on other airlines. Though American’s Economy is nicer than other US Airlines (United,Delta,Spirit). The First Class is about the same (with or without the Entertainment System).

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