Amazing Iberia Groupon Avios Promotion!

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I have just come across an awesome promotion for buying Iberia Avios! The Promotion is that is selling Iberia Avios (Yes,Groupon) for only 1.13 cents each! For those of you who dont know that’s a very good price! It’s the equivalent of flying to Europe Round Trip in Business Class for €800. So, Groupon is selling 34,000 Iberia Avios for €429 which is already incredibly low and at a rate of 1.3 cents per Avios. But, than if you go through the Iberia Shopping Portal which gives you an additional 10 avios per Euro Spent so you’d actually be getting 38,290 Avios for €429. But there is one thing to take note of you must log into Iberia Spain and have an Spanish Groupon Account.

34,000 Avios for €429 through
10 Avios for each €1 spent on Groupon when you go through Iberia

There are some limitations, You can buy up to 100,000 Avios except if you buy the 2,000 Avios pack than you can only buy one. My Dad and I have already bought 102,000 Avios for his Iberia Account and we plan to buy the same for my Mom’s account and maybe more for Me (Just to take advantage of the promotion). After you purchase the Avios you should hover over your account and press Mis Groupones

After you click that you should be redirected to your account and you’ll see your orders (Your order may take a minute or two to process after purchase). Click on Ver Tu Groupon

After you click Ver tu Groupon than you’ll get a PDF File Come up and in the top left corner there’s going to be some codes.

Keep that PDF Up and go to this link and put your two codes in and your email address that’s on your Groupon Account and than click Validar De Coupon and you’ll be redirected to another page where you’ll put in your Iberia Plus number. After you put that in you’ll be brought to a page where it says (In Spanish) that it will take up to 30 days to Post toy your account. So do this AS SOON AS POSSIBLE so you can get your Avios sooner! So try to max out yours and your families Iberia Accounts with this awesome Iberia Promotion!


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