American Airlines 777-200 JFK-BCN Review

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I recently flew on The American Airlines 777-200 from JFK (New York) to BCN (Barcelona). The experience was pretty good for what you’d expect on a US Carrier.

The Seat

Half of the Seats on the American Airlines 777-200 Business Class are facing backwards which makes half of them facing the aisle and half of them facing the window and vice versa on the Middle Seats. The forward facing seats facing the window does offer more privacy when relaxing and has an armrest on both sides but when you’re sleeping it feels like you’re looking directly into the aisle while the backward facing seat into the aisle has a lot of privacy when sleeping but doesn’t have 2 armrests.

A Standard Forward Facing Seat
The Armrest that Pulls up to make 2 armrests on the forward facing seats.
A Forward Facing Seat when Fully Flat

A Big Problem for travelers under 5 foot 5 is that when you’re on your laptop on the Tray Table you can’t reach the Footrest so you have to move the seat forward a lot so that you can reach the footrest but that than limits your use of the tray table.

There was a mini display screen to adjust your seat which was moderately responsive and allowed you adjust your seat to your liking!

One of the great perks of the seat is the awesome view. The view was great as the Sun Rose on the way to Barcelona.


I spent a little too much time in the lounge and got to boarding a little late but they were still on Group 1 so I boarded quickly and by the time I got into the plane people were already in their seats.

Welcome Drink

About 10 minutes after I boarded, the Flight Attendant came around with a tray of Orange Juice,Water and Champagne. I chose the Orange Juice which was very refreshing.


The WiFi was decently priced but I didn’t have to pay as I had gotten a WiFi voucher from American Airlines from a previous flight. The WiFi speed was decent, It loaded regular pages pretty fast and I was even able to watch some Netflix while crossing the Atlantic!


I was served an appetizer about 30 minutes after takeoff and offered a drink, I picked Dr. Pepper. Since I had picked my meal ahead of time which was Pork, I only picked my drink. I was first served Nuts which is American Airlines Specialty and was than given my Appetizer, than Entree than I was served Caramel Ice Cream for Dessert which was quite tasty.


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The American Airlines 777-200 Business Class was Pretty Good for what you’d expect in Business Class on a US Carrier. I didn’t like that all seats didn’t provide the best privacy like the seats on the American Airlines Flagship Business Class on the 777-300ER.

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