Could JetBlue be expanding to Europe?

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JetBlue has expressed interest in expanding to European Destination for the last couple of years. If they do expand to Europe than it would be one of the best ways to get to Europe in Business Class. JetBlue would not have the frequency of a bigger Transatlantic Airline but they would most likely have lower prices in Business/Mint Class and average prices in Economy Class. The reason why they would have average prices in Economy because Wait For It…….. their not going to be operating as a Low Cost Airline like WOW! or Norwegian to Europe, they’ll be  operating as a Boutique Airline. That’s Right when JetBlue is operating across the pond they’ll be changing their entire Business Model.

When Will They Expand?

JetBlue wants to start Flights as soon as they can. They’re most likely going to be using their A321 Neo’s (JetBlue ordered 60) which will start being delivered in Early 2019. I would expect them to start flights at the beginning of the Summer and start off with some type of Summer Sale.

What About Business/Mint Class?

Don’t worry! JetBlue Mint’s Class will probably be the same as their current Transatlantic Mint Class except it will feature a whopping 16 Mint Seats (about 6 more than their current A321 has). So if you like JetBlue Mint on their 5 hour Transatlantic Flight, It’s only going to get better on their flight across the pond!

How Much would the Prices Be?

Like I said before, JetBlue will be operating as a Boutique Airline across the pond but they’ll still have Mint and Economy and they’ll most likely stay as a Low Cost Carrier on their North American Routes.I estimate as a Airline Analyst that the prices would range from as low as ~$1,300 – ~$1,900 Round Trip in Mint Business Class. Those are incredibly good prices from the East Coast to Europe in Lie Flat Business Class. I would also estimate the prices to be from ~$350 – $800 Round Trip from the East Coast to Europe in Economy. The low is around what Norwegian is offering and the high is around what American and British Airways is offering. But, the prices could go higher if they chose to operate to London Heathrow (LHR) instead of London City (LCY) or London Gatwick (LGW).  And, Yes they could operate to London City as they’ll be flying A321 Neo’s which are Narrow body Aircraft’s and quite small.

How JetBlue’s partner can Help!

JetBlue has many partners including British Airways,Iberia and Brussels Air. These partners can help JetBlue passengers to get to smaller destinations in Europe while still flying on JetBlue for part of the journey.  If JetBlue does chose to do this they’ll be using a Hub and Point strategy which many Boutique Airlines use but not Low Cost Carriers. There is one potential problem though, One of JetBlue’s big partners is British Airways (Which could also help JetBlue in making connections in Europe) and if (more like when) JetBlue decides to expand to Transatlantic Destinations than they could be seriously harming British Airway’s Transatlantic route which could lead to a parting of the ways between the two. But, We’ll wait until 2019 for that.

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