Is United going to be flying the longest route operated by a US Airline?

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United recently announced that they would be flying a new route from Los Angeles(LAX) to Singapore(SIN). This route tops any other US Carriers Longest route by a huge amount and even tops some Middle Eastern Carriers Routes Long Haul Routes. The route is said to be operated by the United 787-9 which is reserved for Long Haul Flights. United is know for its Pacific-Asia connections from the US. I did have some thoughts about this route.

The Demand

No other airline operates this Nonstop Flight from LAX-SIN, there will be huge demand but United is using their 787-9 which has 48 Flat Bed seats in Polaris Business, 88 seats in Economy Plus and 116 in normal Economy. Compared to 60,102 and 204 on there 777-300ER which has the range to operate this route. I think this route would be a perfect opportunity for another Carrier (Asian,Middle Eastern or US) to take this route and use a bigger aircraft and basically take Business away from United.

United’s Reputation

United’s current reputation is not in the best shape. If another airline were also to operate this flight at a similar price than that other airline will probably get more passengers. Why is United even creating such a huge route before they can fix there reputation?

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