My Thoughts on The American Airlines Flagship First Lounge at JFK

Shailen VermaPosted by

Hello from the Flagship Lounge at JFK. I am currently in the Flagship Lounge at JFK because I am flying in AA Business Class from JFK (New York)-BCN (Barcelona).It is very nice but don’t let the name deceive you, This is not a First Class Lounge. AA lets everyone in Business and First (Not Mentioning Status) members into the lounge. I’d say about 95% of the people in here are flying Business or have Status. And, Those who are flying Flagship First Class (Not Domestic First) are chilling in the Flagship First Dining Room. But, otherwise the Lounge is nice. There’s a Champagne Bar,Buffet with Hot and Cold Food, Soda Machine (The One you’d find at the movie theater), A Variety of different kinds of seating and work space(s). But, one of the only reasons I came in here was to experience it. While the food and seating is better, IT IS VERY VERY LOUD! If you want to get some work done, go to the Admirals Club next door which is deserted since the Flagship “First” Lounge opened. One of the best perks of being in the Flagship Lounge is the great view. Royal Jordanian and American Airlines Planes are right below me and I can get some great pictures!

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