This Free Card will get you Some Elite Status Benefits on United!

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A couple of months ago I was checking out the ANA Loyalty Program and I signed up. I than saw what the Loyalty Card looked like and came up with a scheme. Basically, The Lowest Status Tier (The One you get when you sign up) is Silver in the ANA Mileage Club. The Card is Silver and Everything, but the middle tier in the Star Alliance Program is Silver (United is part of the Star Alliance). I than realized if I’m ever flying Economy on United (Hope Not!) than I can try and trick the United Employees in front of the Priority Security Line and make them think that I’m Priority as I hold no Status on United for obvious reasons.

How To Get The ANA Silver Card

Basically you should go to the ANA Mileage Club Page and press the following button.

Than you fill in all the details including your address and an ANA Card should get shipped to you. My Card didn’t come for several months but maybe you’ll have better luck! Than next time you’re flying United in Economy than you could try it out!

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