What Chase’s 5/24 Rule Is?

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A lot of Consumers that read Credit Card/Miles Blogs think  “Oh, I can apply for every card and get x number of points”. This is wrong  in the case of applying for Chase Cards(not because of Credit Score or Anything). I would in a way encourage you to get as many American Express Cards as you can  but you must make sure to pay your bills on time. Back to the Chase 5/25 Rule.

What is It?

The Chase 5/24 Rule is a rule made by Chase that says you can only apply for 5 Chase Cards (Including Airline Co branded Cards) in 24 months (2 Years). Chase implemented this rule as a way to “Save You from Bad Credit” but it’s really just a rule that works out in there favor. If you have more Chase Cards than you could forget to pay your bill each month. If you have less Chase Cards than it’s easier for you to pay off more cards. THEY JUST WANT THEIR MONEY!

How Do I Get Past It?

You can’t unless you can persuade Chase to approve you. But you’d need to give them a lot of business. I’ve heard that The Points Guy and other Bloggers have gotten around so you should try it!

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