American Express Uber Credits are costing you money!

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One of the most Prominent Perks of the American Express Platinum Card is the $15 a month Uber Credit with a bonus $20 during the holidays. In order to get the credit you have to connect your Platinum Card to your Uber Account.

How Am I losing money?

Uber recently revealed that they’ll charge more money for people with higher income than others with lower income because they think that they’ll pay more. So 2 people who request the same ride at the same time but with different income will be charged differently. And If you’re using Uber 5 or more times a month with the Platinum Card linked to your Uber account than your actually going to be overcharged more than $15. Making the Credit worthless and you’re actually losing money by linking your Platinum Card to Uber.

What Do I Do?

Well, If you try to delink your card, your profile is already saved as a wealthy person and a big spender but you can always create a New Uber Account and than link a debit card or a credit/debit card you have that required a low credit score.

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