How To Research and Book Flights

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A Lot of People ask him “How Do You Always Book Such Good Business Class Fares?”. Well, There are a few different things that I do to get the best prices.

Method 1: Using Google Flights Tracking Tool

Whenever I’m interested in booking a flight whether it’s a Potential Mile Run or If I’m Booking a Flight To Spain or a Vacation I’ll always check Google Flights to look at all of the options. The usual cheap Business Class carriers to Valencia,Spain are Tap Portugal, Swiss and Lufthansa. For those of you confused because I’m flying Iberia Business Class about 4 times in the next 6 months, I booked those with their Amazing Loyalty Program. But, Usually when I first look at the prices they’re not that great ($2,000+) and than I click through to the option to book the flight but than I press Track Price and Google Flights will email me when a lower price is available but I usually just check my Tracked Flights Every 2 Days.

My Tracked Flights on Google Flights
Email From Google Flights about A Tracked Flight

Method 2: Blogs about Good Flight Prices

I make sure to Frequently Check Sites like Airfare Watchdog which post about Great Prices and I follow them on Twitter. I also make sure to look at My Twitter Feed for Good Deals from The Points Guy,  One Mile At A Time, Upgraded Points and more. Than I go to Google Flights and look into it and track the flights.

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