Tap Portugal VLC-EWR Business Class Review and Encountering a Vintage Tap Portugal A330-300

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Tap Portugal’s Business Class on flights from the US to Europe was middle of the road with Angle Lie Flat seats on all routes in Business Class. Now, everything has changed Tap Portugal now offers Lie Flat Seats on flights from Boston and New York and I confirmed that by direct messaging Tap Portugal on Twitter. I’m excited to try Tap Portugal’s new Business Class which is very much like United Polaris. But, unfortunately they don’t offer it from Newark which is where I booked my flight To/From. They still offer their old Angle-Lie Flat Business Class Product from Newark and other destinations in South America but the product should be phased out completely by January of next year which makes Tap Portugal a great, affordable way to get to Europe in Business Class.

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Tap Portugal’s new Business Class Product
Tap Portugal’s Old Angle-lie Flat Business Class Cabin that they still operate on flights from Newark – Lisbon/Porto.


We paid about $1,750 round trip Business Class for each person. I’m going with my mom so it was about $3,510 for both of us. It was one of the best deals I could find for an Angle-Lie flat Business Class.

I booked 2 people in Business Class Round Trip from Valencia-Newark for $3,511

Check In

Check In was very easy and once I got to the airport there was no line for Executive/ Full Fare Economy (Y) Class and I got My Mom and I’s bags checked in, in about 5 minutes (Probably because we were in Valencia Airport which is not a very popular Tap Portugal Destination. But, The Check In Agent messed up when she accidentally put my Brothers Check In Bag (He was flying from Valencia – Lisbon with us but he was than flying Lisbon – Newark earlier than us and in Economy) under our names so it would’ve arrived 2 hours later than his flight so she had to change that and that took an extra 5 minutes.

New Tap Portugal Lisbon Lounge

After a quick flight from Valencia – Lisbon I wanted to head over to the Tap Portugal Lounge but it’s easier Said than Done. When you first arrive you go straight into the main terminal with all the stores and lounges while all the gates are in another terminal after a Passport Control while if you want to get back in to the Main Terminal from the one with the Gates you have to go through Passport Control and Security. So, The Plan was My Mom, My Brother and I would go over to the lounge where my brother would go to his earlier flight in 1.5 Hours and My Mom and I would go to our flight in 4.5 Hours but we accidentally went into the terminal with the gates thinking thats where the lounge was while we were about 50 feet away from the Lounge in the Main Terminal where we first entered the airport from our connecting flight. So went through a quick passport control and we than realized the lounge was not in this terminal so we started asking around and realized the lounge was in the main terminal. So we started to head back into the main terminal and went through another Passport Control and a Security Check where my brother realized he lost his boarding pass. But, The Security Officer pointed out a ticket machine right next to him where he printed out his boarding pass where it had an SSSS it bold letters at the bottom. We decided than that he should just go back to his gate and My Mom and I would go back to The Lounge. Which was very small but nice, but did have a very limited selection of food.

Bar in The Lounge
Main Section of the Lounge
Food Selection in the Lounge
Secluded Sitting Area in The Lounge

The Gate

We decided to head to the gate about 45 minuted before Takeoff but once we got there the flight would not be leaving on time. The Gate Area was chaos, there were two lines to get into the Gate Area, Executive/ Full Fare Economy (Y) and Regular Economy. There was no one in the Executive Line so we got in very quickly.About Half of the passengers got there bags searched at the gate and there were at least 5 Police Officers at The Gate. My Mom and I sat down for about 25 minuted before we got in line to board where after that we were waiting on the Jetway for about 10 minutes.

The Gate Area
Vintage Tap Portugal Plane parked next to us. It looked like it was being chartered.

The Cabin and Seat

Once I got on board the Business Class Cabin was very quiet and relaxing. My seat was very clean and set up when I got there. I was sitting in the second to last row which was a nice choice. There was a very thin Pillow that you would find in Economy and a Thick Blanket but it was fine for me. There was a huge amount of legroom as you’d find in most International Business Class Product. The Seat was low enough to the ground so I didn’t have to put my feet up on a footrest to sit comfortably. Once I went to the maximum recline which was Angle-Lie Flat I could sleep. But of course the only way to sleep comfortably on an Angle- Lie Flat seat was to lie down on your stomach. But, I was tired from getting up early and the 3 hour flight from Valencia to Lisbon and the 5 Hour shuffle at the Lisbon Airport I had no problem sleeping. The Personal Entertainment screen was very small for Business Class and the main way to control it is through a remote control under the armrest.

The Business Class Cabin during Boarding
Tap Portugal Business Class Seat
Business Class Blanket and Pillow
Personal Entertainment Screen Remote Control

The Meal

I was served Nuts, Fish and Soup as my meal. The Nuts and Soup were very good but the fish (like on many other airlines) was not very good.

Nuts and OJ served as a Pre Dinner Snack
The Very Good Soup and some Not So Savory Fish as The Appetizer
Bread, Fish and Oranges as The Entree. I only really ate The Oranges and Bread
Some Dark Chocolate as a Post Dinner Snack/Dessert


Tap Portugal’s Old A330 Business Class is a very Budget Minded way to get to Europe from the U.S in somewhat luxury. But, Hopefully it will be completely Phased Out by the Beginning of 2018. I would definitely fly it again (And I Am, In December) For The Great Price. One Thing to keep in mind when flying Tap Portugal Business Class is that At Some Time it’s about half the price of legacy carriers but the product is definitely not half as bad so It’s a Great Business Class Product for the Price.

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