United EWR – ORD First Class Review

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I DID IT! I flew United! I always said I would never do it but just to compare the service to American Airlines I flew it (You’ll see a comparison soon). I have to say that the United Cabin was very clean and had a nice appearance.


We originally booked a Round trip Economy Fare for $196 and United was offering an extraordinary Upgrade Offer for only $80 each way. I was able to Upgrade on The United Website which is possibly one of the only things that United has that is better than American Airlines. United’s website is simply extraordinary! It is one of the most compatible Airline Website I’ve ever seen! Anyways, The Total Price of each ticket was $356 which is $48 less than the lowest Round Trip First Class Fare from any NYC Airport and $73 less than the lowest Round Trip First Class Fare from Newark.

The Lowest First Class Fare from EWR – ORD
The Lowest Fare from All NYC Airports – ORD


Check In

We arrived at Newark at about 8:30 PM through Newark Terminal C, Premier Access Level 3 which was very uncrowded. I especially enjoyed my airport journey as all the passengers for the EWR – DEL flight was arriving at the same time and I liked seeing the passengers and encountered a few of them at the Lounge Check In. One of the things to note is that United does not have Self Service Check In which I especially like with American Airlines but it takes around the same time.

United Premier Access Terminal C, Level 3, Door 1


United’s Premier Access Check In


The Most Excited I’ve ever been about Security

I recently got approved for Global Entry and this is my first time travelling since then and I got TSA Pre Check which is a Benefit of Global Entry.

My First Time Getting TSA Pre Check by myself

Complications with The Lounge

After Security, My Mom and I tried to go to the Big Terminal C United Lounge and was told to go to the Smaller Pop Up Lounge a couple gates away even though they were open. Once we got to the Pop Up Lounge we were told that My Mom’s United Club Credit Card was registered as an Authorized User under my Dads and we didn’t have lounge access. At that point we walked 5 minutes back to our gate and waited for about 20 minutes until we boarded. It wasn’t a huge deal that we didn’t have access to the lounge but I wanted to review it but maybe next time I travel United at Newark.

The Big United Club at Newark
The Pop Up United Club at Newark


Boarding for this flight was very efficient for Group 1 and I was the 2nd one on board. It was surprising to see that there were 2 Global Services Members on our flight. I don’t know what to expect for on demand flights but these 2 Global Service Members weren’t even sitting in First Class. They Sat in the 1st row of Economy Plus. But, I was the 2nd person to get on the plane after the 2 Global Service Members.

Entering The United A320 from EWR – ORD

The Seat

I have to give it to United that they have kept this 15 Year Old A320 looking Brand New. The Seats looked like it was the first flight and I was very impressed. I really liked the chic design of the outlet, armrest and storage compartments which were very convenient for me to use.

United’s A320 First Class Seat
Seatback of the seat in front of me
Cup Holder
Storage Compartment and Outlet


In Flight Entertainment

One Thing I really like on Planes are Seat back Entertainment  Screens and United is doing away with them but offers all the same Movies, TV Shows etc. on your mobile device which I don’t like. I decided not to watch anything from the United Website and just watched one of the TV Shows I downloaded prior to the flight.

Food and Drink

United doesn’t serve meals on flights like this so all I got was plenty of snacks and drinks which were fine since I already ate but it’s always nice to have a meal on board like with American Airlines.

Sprite served in a Glass after takeoff
Dorito Like Chips and Gummy Bears which was part of the Snack Basket the FA’s brought around. (I had 3 servings!).

After Deplaning

The Gate we deboarded at was a 1 minute walk to the Baggage Carousels which was right next to Door 1G and was very convenient and I always love walking in an empty Airport Terminal!



I enjoyed my On Board Experience  with United but My Ground Experience with United even at their Hub was pretty bad. Next time I go to Chicago I would fly American in my preferred seat of 4E from EWR – ORD. But, I have to give it to United that they’ve kept their Cabins Very Clean and their Design Modern.

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