More Transatlantic Flights for Charlotte?

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American Airlines is moving 767’s around from New York to Philadelphia and Miami which is opening numerous time slots for American Airlines 24 Airbus A330’s. American Airline’s Charlotte Hub is known for their huge A330 presence, and most of American’s A330 Fleet is placed there put they’re diminishing fast! Americans A330-300 will be completely replaced by 787-9’s and A350-900’s in the hope of revamping their older fleet. But What’s Up with these increased flights from Charlotte? Robert Isom (American Airlines President Says:

 Charlotte will continue to be one of our most important operations and It will continue to build over time and we will look at opportunities to extend the network through Charlotte due to the power of the hub.

Mr. Isom declined to say the Potential Upcoming European Destinations but from what I can find from the existing European Destinations I have found that the following ones are the most likely to come next.


  1.  Barcelona
  2. Amsterdam
  3. Milan


Those 3 destinations are what American is missing from their transatlantic market from Charlotte. If American has planes free for Transatlantic Routes, these will be it.


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