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I was recently looking at flights to strange cities in Africa via Google Flights and I found some weird routes that an airline named Eurowings operates. They operate a flight from Cologne which is their hub to a city called Windhoek which is the capital of Namibia with an A330 which is operated by Sun Express.  For some background, Sun Express is a Turkish Airline that operates many scheduled flights and has an extensive route map.

Brief History of Eurowings

So, Eurowings has had quite the history and is a complex airlines so I’ll keep it simple. Eurowings was founded as the result of the merge of two German airlines named Nürnberger Flugdienst (NFD) and Reise- und Industrieflug (RFG). Glad they made the name simple! It was then slowly acquired by Lufthansa who currently owns 51% of Eurowings. Eurowings has a lot of failure in relation to their long haul routes. Their stats predict that every 4th long haul flight has an average delay of 5 hours and it has peaked at a delay of 60 hours on one long haul flight. Some well known past destinations are Dubai and Boston which they operated with their A330-200.

So Whats So Strange?

Eurowings operates to some odd destinations from their long haul hub of Cologne like Windhoek and other small destinations within Europe. I’m also surprised that they fly to destinations with very small demand considering their history of bad luck with their long haul flights. I also find it very weird that they don’t operate any of their own long haul flights. They are all operated by Sun Express for a reason that I can’t find. Bigger Airlines have other airlines operate some flights due to shortage of airplanes or staff but for a relatively small carrier to outsource all of their long haul flights to another carrier is just weird! Another thing is that they brand themselves as a low cost carrier but it doesn’t look like they stick to that model!

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