Comparing Long Term Elite Status Among US Airlines

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I was recently interested in which US airline is most beneficial to the average business man. The parameters are that this “business man” flies round trip from JFK-LAX every week. For the first year he flies in paid business class every time since he does not have any status and cannot attain any upgrades. The 2nd and following years he flies paid economy class since he would have Top-Tier status from the previous year and could be potentially upgraded every time. I made a Google Sheets with the data and compared the stats between American Airlines, United Airlines and Delta. This is the link to the google sheet. After creating the sheet and analyzing the data I found that American is the best to attain status with and you earn the most miles and overall benefits. United is second, and Delta was the worst with very little miles earned, which are impossible to use. This information is very useful for businessmen who travel a lot and would like to know what airline to fly.




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