When to use Momondo vs. Google Flights

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I was recently researching a flight from Geneva to New York one way in economy for my dad and was surprised when I saw the high price of the flight. Google Flights was showing me a flight with 2 stops on TAP Portugal and an 11 hour stopover in Porto as the cheapest option.

What Google Flights was showing me as the cheapest option at $523 one way and a horrible flight

After about 20 minutes of extra research as I didn’t believe this was the case I found a way better fare and flight using Momondo.

What Momondo showed me when I put in the same search parameters

Momondo was showing me a Vueling flight from Geneva to Barcelona and a Norwegian flight from Barcelona to Newark for $329. Better price and flight then what Google Flights is showing me. I wanted to see if I could find this flight on Google Flights using their Multi-city search tool and I found an even better price then Momondo.

Google Flights showed me a better price of $297 then Momondo for the same routing but by using their Multi-city search tool.

So, Momondo showed me a better routing and flight but Google Flights showed me a better price for that routing but only by me already knowing the specific routing. So, when do I use Momondo and when do I use Google Flights? Perhaps, the better question is what order do I use them in.

Google Flights

Google Flights is a great search tool, don’t get me wrong, but it’s better to use it when you’re booking direct flights and short domestic flights. It’s also very good for looking at price patterns and the cheapest travel days. I love that it’s very interactive and lets you set a huge amount of filters which makes searching flights that much easier. After finding the flights that you want and the routing on Momondo, use Google Flights Multi-city tool to try and get a better price.


Momondo is basically a way better version of Orbitz or Expedia because it puts together itineraries with non-interline and partner airlines and helps you find routings that will help you find better fares on google flights.

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